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How to prepare for your Spartan Race?

Published on 15/09/2016 00:00

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Gloria Mascaró who is a member of the spanish Spartan Race team, and talks about her experience and gives us some advice about how to face this obstacle race successfully.


Today we are proud to interview Gloria Mascaróa, a member of the official Spartan Race Spain Team.  A big warrior who flights every day to be in the top places of this epic race.

Good morning Glòria, could you explain to us what is a Spartan Race?
Spartan Race is a race which mixes running, usually on a mountain terrain and you must overcome different and various obstacles: strength, balance, memory, mud, etc., where you get over yourself every time you pass an obstacle. If, for any reason, you don’t overcome an obstacle there is a penalty of 30 Burpees (bending jump).

What is the difference from other obstacle races?
Spartan Race is a consolidated international race, it offers variety, quality and security; you will not feel unsafe in the circuit.  This year they will add new obstacles.

To know the difference between one and the other, we must live it. I can assure you that who tests Spartan Race always repeats it, regardless of the distance between your home and the place of the race. Spartan Race involved thousands of participants from all nationalities and backgrounds. The environment we live in a race is fellowship, fun and achievement, despite the suffering we’re going through. One of the slogans of Spartan Race is: You'll know it at the finish line.

Mud, water, cold ... What is your motivation to cross the start line and face the difficulties of the race?
Improvement and to give the best of yourself, face your own fears and overcome what you thought you couldn’t do. Something that is very useful for the same daily life, not giving up, try to overcome all difficulties and don’t stop pushing forward.

In the race are different obstacles: moving sacks, spear throwing, balance sticks, walking tractor wheels, etc. What are the three toughest tests for you? And what are your favorite events?
The hardest or most difficult, in my opinion and from experience, is the dreaded javelin (throwing spear) and it is also one of the less pleasant for most participants. Hurdle in which almost 90% or more fail and consequently they will have penalty Burpees.

Also the difficult slacklining is quite difficult, this obstacle is new of this year; and at the end, the tilted wall with water. Probably because I fell and was hurt this year and I have a lot of respect for it haha.

Remember, in this kind of races you’ll have to take care of yourself and not let yourself drive you crazy, the obstacles are safe, but any oversight or slip can make you fall so you will always have to be concentrated and run with your head and safety comes first.

In my opinion and experience the favorite obstacles are: Balance, load weights and wire fence.

I understand that to reach a level like yours, the training hours must be a part of your life. How do you combine work, family and friends?
 I train about 2 hours daily, mixing one running hour on flat or mountain terrain with training of different disciplines: fitness, bouldering, rope, Pilates, yoga, and probably more that I don’t remember now, haha.

The truth is, that sometimes it is quite difficult to combine everything, but if you want to, you can. My friends and family know that sport is my way of life, and they understand it.  I also try to spread it to my colleagues, that doing sport improves us to be better and it’s important to be healthy.

Which are the best clothes to take part of this kind of racing?


My recommendation is to take technical and breathable clothing that dry fast and doesn’t soak, cottons clothes are not recommended because they get muddy and water and can become a great ballast.

The clothes that we carry should adapt well to the body, for me the best are compression shirts and leggings. It’s not advisable to use loose clothing because you must be able to easily engage in any obstacles.

And finally, get a good pair of shoes with cleats for mountainous terrain which expel the mud correctly. For me the ideal footwear is Rebook Allterran, it expels water and mud correctly and gives me a good grip.

Just to end ... Could you give us some tips for surviving our first Spartan Race?
The first Spartan Race has to be the Sprint; this is the shortest distance, + 5km, to test the kind of race and obstacles to be overcome. Once you know how the race is, you can run a Super or Beast modality.

Above all, the first has to be without any lap or target. The only goal should be to be a Finisher and to have fun. It would also be ideal to be accompanied by a friend or in a group. If you do it together, it will be a whole lot easier.

And if you urge to compete on 8-9 October in Barcelona, 3 of December 3 in Valencia or 6-7 of May in Madrid, the Spartan will be waiting for you.

I’ve already tried the race a couple of years ago and I think there is still mud somewhere in my body, but I had a whole lot of fun. More information about the race, on the official website: http://spartanrace.es

Have you ever run a Sparant? What do you think about the interview?

Here are the links and social networks of Gloria to follow this great athlete;
Instagram: glmascaros
Twitter: glmascaros
Facebook: Glòria Mascarós

See you in Barcelona and Valencia!! AROOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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