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Terradets awaits you! (update: 24 Oct)

Published on 24/10/2016 00:00

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For anyone who loves climbing! From 16 to 18 September, the 7th edition of the 12-HOUR SPORTIVA RALLY will be held in the Congost de Tarradets. Now climbing enthusiasts have a new date for their next challenge, the 12 hour Climbing Marathon.


18/10/16 - We have updated this post to include the video showing highlights of the event, and the link to the general classification.
Winners of the Women's Section: Júlia Busquet & Núria Pinyes and Winners in the Men’s Section: Álbaro Lafuente & Jesús Ibars
Download general classification.

But it’s not just the mountaineers taking part in the Rally who will have a place in Terradets that weekend. Slopes such as El Pedalet or La Font Freda, or sports climbing sectors, offer good alternatives for climbing without having to take part in it, and will allow you to still share the remaining activities, which like every year are open to anyone wishing to come to Terradets. The La Sportiva Cat Feet Climbing Test (the event’s main sponsor), projections, a swim in the Hotel Terradets pool or the dinner and awards ceremony on Saturday 17th, are all a good opportunity to share your interests with climbers from regions throughout Spain.

During the event, La Sportiva will offer the chance to try out some of their different models of adherence cat feet shoes, sharing a climb with members of their team, including: Berta Martín, Maria Benach, Lluc Macià, Luis Alfonso Félix, Dani Fuertes, Alvaro Lafuente, David Palmada “Pelut” and Ander Lasagabaster. The latter is also a member of the CAMP-CASSIN climbing team, one of the main brand-names collaborating in this Mountaineering Marathon.

As a result of the exchange of winners agreement between the INTERNATIONAL CLIMBERS MEETING from PAKLENCIA in CROATIA and TERRADETS, this year IGON CORCO and SUNCICA HRASCANEC will be taking part in Terradets, and the winners from Terradets will be invited to take part in their event in May 2017, to be paid for by their organisation.


We can’t finish without mentioning the participation of the Swedish climbers, JOEL NYBERG and JOHAN GUILLE, who will be showing images of traditional Swedish climbing on Sunday morning, 18 September, at the Hotel Terradets swimming pool.

All in all, a great weekend in which to experience mountaineering at its best, and forge many friendships for future projects.

To subscribe, please send an e-mail to: rallyterradets@gmail.com Participants will be limited to 35 climbers.

More information on the official web page: http://www.rallyterradets.com/
Credits: Lasportiva

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