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Do you know the 3rd classified IM from Lanzarote?

Published on 27/09/2016 00:00

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A few months ago, we spoke with Judith Corachán, Triathlete of the Team Odeclas who has achieved the third place this weekend in the Club Santa Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote. A deserved place that allows her to earn valuable points ahead for qualifying for the IM 70.3 World Cup 2017.


I've always wondered how a professional triathlete balances her preparation with her regular workday. Although it seems science fiction, this is possible. Or this is what Judith Corachán, the last athlete to join to the Odeclas team, says.

Judith is one of the triathletes for long distances, better in shape than others on Spanish national level. Her season is overwhelming: Four high-level triathlons with three times second place (Elche - Arenales 113, Half Triathlon Bilbao and the mythical Triathlon of Zarautz) and a prestigious fourth place in the Iron Man 70.3 in the Philippines, just a few days after getting proclaimed champion of Andorra Outdoor Games.

From an objective point of view, one would assume that Judith lives for the triathlon, but it isn’t true... Judith is a fitness instructor in a sports center and personal trainer, and loves French fries, the R&B music and sportswear.

Because of her tight schedule, we managed to communicate in a fluent conversation via audio messages on whatsapp. Through her voice and ambition, I could hear that Judith is a woman with her heart on the right place, her feet on the ground and her head up high.  
One of the first things I wanted to know about Judith were her sporting goals. Her answer left me speechless, because she didn’t mention any goals for a position in a triathlon.  All she told me was that she wanted to enjoy doing sport. “I want to keep improving every day as a person and as an athlete, but not for any targets. I have spent many years competing and throughout my career I have had many ups and downs and I even had to abandon it due to injury. I’ve changed now. For me it is much more important to enjoy what I do than athletic goals. "

Living or rather surviving in a world of high level triathlon is rather complicated. For Judith, the physical part is important but not the hardest one. “The psychological part is crucial and of highest importance. When you go in a race, you want to get the first place and this is an added pressure. On the other hand, the pressure that you put on yourself and which gets higher through sponsors, may unconsciously affect your performance. As for any high-level athlete, people expect from you that you continue to improve and that is probably the cost of the sport: We are seen like machines, but actually just human. So the hardest thing is probably to keep up the work and to know how to handle all the added pressure from your surroundings.


Judith, as most triathletes, is much disciplined and organized her workouts to get results. She normally spends 40% of her preparation doing swimming, a sport that she started practicing in her adolescent stage, 40% on running and 20% on cycling, often concentrated on long trainings during the weekends. All of this without considering the countless who hours of spinning classes during the week or multiple other fitness activities she performs.

At one point in the conversation, while we were exchanging audio files via WhatsApp, I named her ‘superwoman’. Don’t you have to be a superwoman to work like other normal people but also be successful in the long distance triathlon? If one were to seek a qualifier to describe Judith, that would certainly be the modest ... She does not believe that she is a superwoman, although she admits with a deep flattered laugh which could make people think something like that. For Judith, "the only merit is the effort that I dedicate to compete and to combine it with a working day. I am very lucky because my work offers me a lot of facilities to combine competitions with my job without problems. "Following the modesty of Judith, she’s defined as a fighter who could sacrifice a lot of things, but assures me that one of the keys is "value the time you have and make the most of it"

Behind Judith there are more people than she could have imagined. "When you're competing at this level you realize that there are many people who support you. It is very gratifying to see the number of people who follow you and write you not only for results, but also because they like the way you are ". One of her biggest supporters is her partner because they share a passion for triathlon and a lot of hours of training.

Although each of them competes at their own level, "it is helpful that your partner understands your lifestyle and the daily sacrifice involved in this world. My parents are my other pillars, as they have taught me the values ??that have made me get where I am now: sacrifice, work hard and the way I enjoy the sport. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but you should enjoy what you like.  When you don’t enjoy, nothing is worthwhile... "

Judith is defined as a shy and discreet person who likes to go undetected. She confesses that, although she does not like to dress so cute, she likes to dress well in a sporty style. She likes the light blue color and whenever possible wears a bikini. "I am fortunate to coach swimming in a heated outdoor pool all year, so I just use bathing suit when I have to train in indoor facilities."

Music also plays an important part in the life of Judith. "I really like R & B music. In my daily life, as a fitness instructor, I use the music constantly for my classes, although the music accompanies me in my workouts as well. R & B remains with me and motivates me. " What she does not like are general superstitions. She confesses that "when I was younger I had many, but luckily they have gone with age. It is an aspect that I appreciate, because they can hurt you psychologically."

Although she did not allow me to call her that, I still think Judith is a true superwoman.


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