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Cyclists! The Coreevo Aero Race have arrived

Published on 05/10/2016 00:00

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I´ve tried literally millions of socks, long ones when they were in fashion, short ones so my legs were more stylish. And these cycling socks have convinced my thanks to their comfort and design.


Technical assessment











Slip prevention


Picking them up for the first time I was doubtful due to the feel of them, I was afraid they'd be too thin and little lasting. But they've lasted me for Km and are still like new! Up-to-scratch durability and comfort.

Adjusts and compresses to the foot
Putting a sock on should be something easy, and with these it is, and they fit like a glove. They stretch without losing consistency and even having thin legs, they work ergonomically well and they adapt to perfection.

Water and sweat absorption
I've always thought that the most important thing about a sock is its capacity to keep feet dry. This one does thanks to its fibres low thermal conductivity, making sure your feet stay at a comfortable temperature at all times.

Tried out during the summer in Lleida, my city and where I train, I can say that I haven't felt that burning sensation in my feet, or that annoying chafing that other socks produce due to sweat during training at high temperatures.

Odour absorption
The bacteriostatic material made of Dryan fibres, prevents the proliferation of bacteria produced by bad odour. The truth is that it works, never again will you be afraid of taking your shoes of at the break.   Ha Ha.

Resistance and durability
The fabric is lightly soft to touch, but based on the Km that I have done, they have proven to be very resistant. My biggest worry was if the fabric would be strong enough to support my BTT outings, where the risk of making holes in them is higher.  But no chance!!! They're too resistant.

Protection and reflection
The heel is cushioned and they have optimal protection in the ankle area, thinner fabric at the toe for better adjustment to the shoe, and a fitted and protected instep.


I'd recommend these socks both for men as well as woman who practise cycling. Its resistant, durable and comfortable characteristics are the best allies for deciding to buy them. Furthermore, they are reinforced in the ball of the foot to improve the feeling of contact and protect the sole of your foot on your start offs.

They will also be a good ally in competitions, triathlon for example, due to its characteristics and in cycling thanks to its commodity during many long kilometres.

*Cushioned heel
*Ankle area protection
*Reinforced in the ball of the foot to improve the feeling of contact.
*Dryan fibres

*The stitching on the heel seems weak.

My height

1.60 m

My weight

46 kg

My clothing size


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Ahora mismo soy fundadora y entrenadora de un equipo de triatlón , tri-4.40 , y me gustaría que en unos años este equipo fuera muy numeroso en categorías menores. Hacerles crecer como deportistas y vivir con ellos y ellas esta emoción que siento por este deporte. Amo el deporte y es mi pasión!!!!

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