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Adidas´s ´Fire´ lights up the night at Montjuïc

Published on 07/10/2016 00:00

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Last Thursday on the 29th September at 8:15pm Adidas Runners Barcelona organised the special Fire event. To be able to assist the event, you had to have previously register online and pick up the technical T-shirt, a gift from Adidas the day before.


At 8:15pm on Thursday the doors of Montjuïc Castle (Barcelona) were opened (Barcelona), after going through the doors and collecting our rhythm bracelet which we had previously been assigned to you, we entered the arms courtyard where Carles Castillejo & Laura Sanzberro, the captains of the game were waiting for us with the Pacers. After doing a very dynamic and fun warm up, they separated us into groups to have our corresponding family photo taken and go out to run.

The circuit consisted of 2 3-kilometer laps which surrounded the outside of the castle and then come back inside to run through its many passageways, all of which were decorated according to the night's theme "Fire". After the first lap, we repeated the circuit complete the 6-km event. Upon finishing we were offered water to freshen up and continue with the party.


The second part of the night was even more sensational than the first, Food Trucks service and a DJ. After a few speeches and tribute to Carles Castillejo for his career as an Olympic marathoner, Adidas surprised us yet again with a pyrotechnic-musical show, some fireworks no one expected that raised the spirits if quite a few.

The night carried on with the DJ playing music and the event's participants recovered strength at the food and drinks stands that Adidas had put up for us.

But it doesn't finish there, as well as everything that we enjoyed on Thursday night, the participants received and email with instructions on how to achieve a pair of Adidas Ultraboost, just by uploading a photo of the event on Instagram with the hashtag #WhyIRunBarcelona and getting the most likes,

Concluding, as I said before, a spectacular night.

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