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The famous Breaking 2 project, coordinated and organized by the Oregon firm, is arguably a landmark in the design and technology applied to some of its models. The close collaboration between the athletes chosen to break the two-hour marathon distance barrier and Nike´s scientists and designers led to the creation and design of shoes to meet their needs both in competition and in day-to-day training. From here came models such as the Nike Fly Zoom and the VaporFly 4% Nike, shoes created to compete. This is where the model we are presenting today, the Nike Pegasus 35 turbo, also comes from. Eliud Kipchoge himself was the one who asked them to wear shoes similar to the Vaporfly 4% but for their daily training sessions.


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The Nike Pegasus 35 turbo has a bit of the Nike Pegasus 35 (a model that doesn't need to be introduced, as they are more than known in the running world), a bit of the Nike Vaporfly 4% and they have also added a part of the Nike React. So, with this mix, they have created these shoes that are so spectacular that they leave no doubt about their intentions.

Features and Technology of the Pegasus 35 turbo:
We will begin by pointing out that both the name and the aesthetics of the Pegasus turbo leave no doubt about its intentions. They’re trainers with a stylish line, they’re elongated and sharp. Just by looking at them you know that you’ll be able to move fast in them, and as soon as you put your feet inside, you’re also clear that you’re going to be protected and comfortable. Put your foot on the pedal day after day!

So, shall we start breaking down the Turbo a little bit?

- Drop: 10mm
- Weight: 238gr in men’s models and about 198gr in women's models.
- UPPER: As we said, the Pegasus 35 Turbo is a comfortable shoe, and one of the things responsible for offering us comfort is the upper.

The outer material of the upper is transparent. It’s a translucent mesh, which shows the Flywire fastening system, which will be responsible for giving the necessary support to our foot while we take stride after stride. The Flywire are the cables that we can see behind the symbol of the mark, which are directly attached to the laces of the shoe. Once we tie these, the system tightens up and thus gives us a comfortable and very effective grip.

The Pegasus Turbo are narrow in the heel area, and if we touch the bottom of this area, we can see that it’s more rigid than the rest of the upper. This also gives us support and stability, which we will be grateful for as the kilometers go by. At the top of the rear area, the shoe arches backwards, releasing pressure on our Achilles tendon.

If we advance towards the front wall, we see how it widens, thus giving freedom and not leaving our foot feeling trapped inside.

The most reinforced parts of the upper, apart from the Achilles' heel, are the lace area, to give more consistency to the Flywire system, and the toe area.

One more detail, which doesn’t go unnoticed, is the line that runs from the top of the tongue to the tip of the shoe, to finish under our metatarsals. Pure and hard aesthetic function, giving an even more Racing feeling to the shoe. But it does affect one thing, it can give the impression that we have chosen the wrong number when choosing the shoe. The line exerts a slight pressure on the toe area, which may cause us to doubt the choice of size. Try them well, as this pressure disappears five minutes after wearing them. Don’t be fooled.

MIDSOLE: This is where the Pegasus 35 becomes turbo! Although the upper is already different, the midsole is where these shoes offer us their secret weapon. The midsole is composed of two different cushioning systems:

Zoom X: Emblem system of the Breaking 2, and of the VaporFLy 4% sneakers. The lightest, most reactive foam from the Oregon firm. With a return of up to 85% energy. This system is located in the upper part of the midsole, it can be perfectly differentiated from the other compound by the color, as it’s tinted just like the upper. When we hit the ground, the foam deforms, and then recovers its initial position and returns the energy that we have executed with our impact. So the faster we run the more effective it will be!

React: This system also stands out for its lightness and reactivity. It’s a reactive material but not as reactive as the Zoom X. The function of the React will be to protect our joints and muscles from the impact caused by each step, leaving the machinery in a better condition to go out day after day.

As with the Nike VaporFly 4% and the Nike Zoom Fly, for competition shoes, the profiles were really high. Accustomed to flying, low-profile sneakers. The trend continues with the Pegasus 35 turbo. The midsole profiles are even slightly higher than those of their sisters, the Pegasus 35.


Waffle sole that works extremely well. You can see with the naked eye that it’s a sole that will offer good durability, as it’s reinforced up to the metatarsal area and in the heel area. The central part is left in charge of the react system, to continue protecting us. To put it mildly, this is the area with the least wear and tear, but the durability of this system in the sole area was already questioned in the Nike React Flyknit. Let's hope that this sole will not be the same. The truth is that it’s much more reinforced. Even in the area where we only find this material the whole contour is reinforced to offer a little more stability.

I didn’t know where to discuss this part, whether in the midsole or sole section. I’m referring to the heel, a bevelled heel, (which lengthens ending in the tip, much more elongated than the Pegasus 35), this area will favor landing with each stride and also has its aesthetic function, to continue with the Turbo Dynamic of this shoe.

The Nike Pegasus Turbo is a mixed shoe, for training, both in the most demanding series days and for long breaking-in days and, of course, for competition.

I would recommend them runners with good running technique, as it has better stability in the metatarsal zone. Therefore, they’re Good for runners who don't enter with the heel.

The ideal distance which I would use them for, without a doubt, is for the 42,125 meters. The destiny of the Pegasus 35 turbo is proper preparation for a marathon.

Finally, I would like to say that for me, the Nike Pegasus 35 turbo is not a variation of the Pegasus 35. It’s a completely different model, as the damping system changes completely. Therefore their behaviour will not be the same, they’re lighter and more reactive.

-Lightness (52gr. reduction compared to Pegasus 35)

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