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Published on 24/09/2018 15:01

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After 4 years of resounding success for the Magista silo, in 2014, it broke all the moulds in our concept of football boots until that point. In its continuous eagerness to surpass, improve and innovate its products, the Nike brand has shelved this collection and launched NIKE PHANTOM VSN.


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Before we start to analyse the jewel that NIKE is offering us, we need to specify the meaning of the different concepts and names that the brand uses to differentiate its product ranges. So, with the NIKE PHANTOM VISION product name, we find the acronym DF to complete the name of the model, which basically refers to the Dynamic Fit of the collar that wraps the boot around your ankle (sock), and which specifies the type of sole that mounts the product in question.

FG: natural grass
SG (mixed): for very wet or soft natural grass terrain.
AG: Artificial ground of the latest technology
TURF (multi-stud): for different surfaces where less traction is required.

All these variants can be found at GOALINN, where you can find the different styles and price ranges.

The boot upper is made up of two completely independent parts, fixed to each other at the sole and heel area:

On one part we have the outer shell, the visible part of the boot that comes into contact with the ball. It is manufactured only from a synthetic material, which is textured to offer durability and good ball control.

Within the boot interior, we find a thicker and more robust triangular part, with small micro inserts of synthetic material to provide more grip on controls and passes.

One of the identifying hallmarks of the PHANTOM model is the absence of visible laces. Nike conceals these with the Ghost Lace technology to offer a much cleaner and smoother boot to ball connection.

The second component of the upper, which is Nike’s new feature, is the inner boot that hugs the foot to offer comfort and support, ending with the Dynamic Fit Collar that wraps around the ankle area and which fits like a sock.

Inside the boot, there is a cushioned heel which, apart from providing greater comfort, will also give you greater stability.


The ultra-lightweight sole is shaped by a stabilising bridge which consists of a total of 14 traditionally-shaped and more innovative studs.

The heel part of the sole has 4 laminated studs for greater traction, and the front part has three laminated blocks arranged in a circular shape, to allow pivoting on a single foot, together with 6 semi-conical studs designed to improve traction and turns.

The lightweight insole provides a good level of cushioning.

This is a very light boot and possibly one of the most comfortable boots on the market. It can be worn for a match from new, as it does not need to be worn in to mould it to the foot.

With a perfect fit and a clean, uninterrupted ball connection, this is the best "control" boot that Nike has created to date and, in our opinion, it greatly improves on its predecessor Magista. There is a reason why this is the favourite boot of players like Coutinho, Carvajal, Rodri, or De Bruyne.

Regardless of whether you have a narrow or a wide foot, this boot is for you because it has total adjustment. But those in the second group will take a little longer to get their foot in the boot.  

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