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Sells Total Contact Aqua

Published on 27/05/2016 00:00

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Sells, the best English Goalkeeper Gloves company for excellence, is always characterized by following the same pattern when designing their gloves: classic with a sober and simple aesthetic, where the while colour always prevailed.


Technical assessment







Wrist strap


Dry grip


Wet grip


Now though, it is breaking all its schemes and renewing its collection, giving a more aggressive touch in terms of colours and adding new technologies that make people see that Sells is not content with having the latex with better grip in wet market. Goalkeeper hands of the likes of Victor Valdes, Kik Casilla, Pichu Cuellar, Asmir Begovic or Simon Mignolet speaks for itself.

The Palm:
Sells has always stood for one thing above all, its latex. Being a brand of English origin has led it to develop a palm with the best grip in the market under wet conditions, prevailing in the UK throughout the year.

Behind the name Adhesion Ultra Supreme, Sells has created a new compound of natural latex which provides a spectacular dry grip, but in wet weather and rain, makes the difference, and gives a grip that few brands are able to offer, and this is where its strength lies.

It is mounted on a hybrid cut combining the roll finger at the ends of fingers and flat on the base. This cut is an evolution of the fingers on the base. This cut is an evolution of the previous roll finger, with which we maintain a larger area of contact with the ball, and in turn reduce the armed palm and also eliminate the classic cut in the central fingers it became an area prone to open.


The Backhand:
On the backhand we find the best part of the innovations that Sells presents us in this new collection. This is mounted on a thermoregulatory textile called Outlast, Developed exclusively for the brand, which was originally used by NASA to protect astronauts from extreme temperatures. This technology gives the glove of a ventilation system that protects us against the cold and absorbs excess heat reducing sweating keeping, regardless of weather conditions, our hands at an ideal temperature.

This innovative fabric, mounts a new patented punching system under the name D3O, an impact protection and shock absorption material that protects the hand against any collision and provides a feeling of armed protection and very pleasant, since this material poses a great flexibility and facilitates the free movement of the hands and fingers.

The Fastening:
The fastening strip combines two parts of latex with an intermediate elastic textile, allowing a perfect wrist fit, regardless of the diameter wrist adjustment.

The strip is mounted on a neoprene wrist strap also has a thermoregulatory function isolating the very adverse weather conditions. The neoprene wrist strap out because as you continue increasing their use remains intact in shape and fit, maintain its position as the first day.


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