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S-LAB Wings Unisex

Published on 30/06/2016 00:00

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We are looking at a trail running shoe, which is quite light and comes with a good fit to the foot. The most important thing is when in the mountains, the sole behaves very well in dry conditions and it’s more durable than others from the French brand.


Technical assessment









Wet traction


Dry Traction


There is no mountaineer who doesn´t know Salomon, founded in France in 1947. They began designing skiing material but in the most recent years they have become a brand linked with material for mountain runners.

First Impressions:
They are beautiful trainers! For me it’s a bit of effort fitting your foot into the shoe, but once inside, the trainer is very comfortable and the shoe and the foot is well supported. I have pretty wide and they were a little tight towards the front on the sides. The feeling when running, is that of FREEDOM thanks to its lightness and its phenomenal grip on rock and dry land.

Lacing and fit:
The Endofit and Quicklace make the trainer fit brilliantly to the foot. The first is a kind of mesh that wraps the foot as if it were a sock and actually offers the opportunity to run without socks. On the other hand, the Quicklace is a quick adjustment system with thin laces, invented by Salomon for that purpose. The surplus of the lace is stored in its pocket, situated on the side of the shoe.

This trainer is stable, safe and light. The heel is a little more rigid than the rest of the sole of the trainer, and offers a great feeling of stability. The protection in the frontal part is useful in the case of tripping over rocks, roots etc.

Cushioning and comfort:
With a 9mm drop, this trainer gives us a good cushioning. I recommend them for mid-long distance races on less technical terrains.

Sole and Grip:
The sole is perfect for dry conditions and not so technical. They grip well when running both uphill downhill, and they allow you to run light and fast. They work well on rocky terrains and work phenomenally when climbing on the chalk of Los Picos de Europa. When running on wet surfaces and/or muddy surfaces, it gets complicated, so if you usually run this type on this type of surface, you should fetch the same model with studs for wet surfaces, the ”Wings Pro SG”, and then problem solved.

I know many of you have complained about the poor durability of the of the Salomon soles. I have good news for you: the durability of this sole is longer. I´ve almost run 300km with them and so far the sole remains as the first day. It is true that I have not gone well for very technical terrain.


User Profile:
This trainer is for runners who like a light shoe, which usually run like light shoes but over longer distances miss a little more cushioning and support. It is a perfect shoe for dry roads and not very technical surfaces, but also grab well on rocky terrains.

Positive Aspects:
*Lightness and good cushioning
*Sole Durability
*Good Fit
*Great grip on dry surfaces

Negative Aspects:
*In very rainy days, water enters and stays in the shot
*When the shoe is wet inside, it discolors. So, watch with white socks
*The forefoot is narrow, if you have a wide foot you can be a little fair

Translated by Max Wrigt

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Me hacen feliz las cosas sencillas de la vida. Me encanta estar en la montaña, en el bosque, en la playa... Eso sí, siempre haciendo algo que me hace sudar :) Mi pasión ahora mismo es el trailrunning, descubriendo los bonitos rincones de nuestro mundo.

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