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Suunto Ambit 3 Peak Zaphir

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Run, swim, cycle, walk, ski… I believe one day I will have to decide on a sport, no? That, or monitor multisport devices such as the Ambit series by Suunto, capable of monitoring all of my activities with Swiss precision.


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In its third edition, the Ambit range is updates and for the first time it allows us to synchronize our data in Movescount, from your mobile phone, without the necessity to use a computer. The Ambit 3 range is formed by the (R) Run, the (S) Sport, and the Peak with a Zafiro screen, one of the most resistant of the market.

Other functions to highlight
One of the most interesting features is the "Fused Alti" which is responsible for comparing the barometer altitude data with those obtained by the GPS, to offer as accurate a result as possible. Thus considerably calibration errors are reduced barometric height.

The device has a rechargeable lithium battery with a battery life of 30 days and a time mode and 20h active mode. This makes it one of the devices with greater battery life in the market. But if you need more uptime, we can calibrate the GPS recording frequency depending on the sport, obtaining the following relation of durations battery (frequency 1sg - 20h / 5SG - 30h / 60SG -200h).

First Impressions
Holding it for the first time, we see that we are in front of a high-end device, with the meticulous finishes that the watch presents, a good design and a 128x128 screen that allows us to visualize data swiftly during sports activity.

The level of configuration and operation is not a complicated device, so through the questions which are be brought up about the watch and the App you will have it ready in minutes

Speed and Precision of Signal
In this series, Suunto introduces the SIRF Instant Fix technology which allows the device to memorize locations to find GPS signal in an agile manner. In known locations, the average takes 5 seconds to gain signal.

In reference to the precision, I have compared to the results with a mechanical odometer and the truth is that the cumulative error is reduced to a few meters.

Personalised Training
The mobile APP allows us to configure complex workouts, with intervals, warm up and cool down phases to import them directly from our device. This function isn’t found online, but it has been confirmed that they are working on it and we could see fixed in future updates of its website.

Route guidance
For me, one of the strong points of the Serie Ambit 3, is the simple operation, you can import a route or draw a route from their website, synchronize the device and access the menu / navigation / follow path / to our device.

From here we the track will appear on the screen and only have to go along the route, as in most devices that allow this function, the Ambit 3 Peak warns us by vibration when we deviate from the path and if we lose we It will lead us to the source. A good companion in our adventures.

Monitoring Daily Activity
Although the device keeps track of our daily activities and shows calories burned, and even allows us to perform a sleep study to better align recovery times, there is no way to check that information in detail. That is if you want a device that tells you how many steps you walked, how many floors have gone up and vibrate when you take too much idle time, this will not be your watch.

Compatible Accessories
This device leaves the ANT + system from its predecessors and has only Bluetooth system to connect with external accessories, so if your "pods" are not prepared for it will have to replace them.

It is also true that the market tends to standardize toward the use of Bluetooth, so it will not cost much find accessories compatible with the device.


So far all the devices need external software or a mobile app, to which you configure it, store and manage the data we collect. From the App • “Movescount" available for Android and iOS, we can configure screens each sport, schedule workouts, download activities and a summary thereof. A very interesting aspect is that we can set the clock from anywhere and upload activity to our social networks seconds after you hang up. For me, the only important limitation of the App is the inability to see the lap time of an activity, yes parameter which can be viewed from the website.

If we leave the application and visit the Movescount website (www.movescount.com), we will see that the possibilities increase considerably if we compare it with the app, but we also find two important limitations: the first is the impossibility to generate advanced workouts which if the app allows us to make the Movescount app, and the second is the fact of not being able to upload an activity through an archive.

For the rest of the application, it´s very complete and it will allow us to make monitoring our activities in a reliable and simple way. Moreover, it also offers more interesting functions such as popular maps showing areas and routes that are most visited by all users of Suunto. The most attractive part for social networks is the possibility of making videos which summarize our activity to share on social networks.

Swimming function
If you are someone who swim who counts their lengths while swimming, the Ambit 3 is going to allow you to concentrate on your technique or think about other things in your life. You get into the pool, mark the length of it and start swimming. Thanks to the accelerometer, the watch is able to count the number of lengths you swim, the distance, the style and the time in a very reliable way.

Looking at pulse control the new heart rate band from Suunto is able to manage your pulse during the swim and it transmits them to the watch when you have connection, in a manner which although might not be an instantaneous way, we obtain a more precise pulse reading while swimming.

The problem to solve remains to be the precision of the GPS while swimming in open water, as the signal has just not been reliable when the device is found submerged in water.

Cycling Function
Through the GPS and barometric altimeter functions, the Ambit 3 will add to the classic information on your odometer, the route, temperature and gradient of slope in real time. Besides, if you need to know exactly the cadence data, power, speed, distance and heart rate, the device allows you to add up to three cycling accessories simultaneously, and yes, they must be compatible with Bluetooth Smart.

During the activity, there is also the possibility to follow courses, the truth is it can be a good ally in your mountain bike outings and road, as it will allows you to not deviate from the prescribed route or return to the source in case of loss. But if you are looking for a device to follow routes as you would a GPS for the car surely you should go for a device designed for cycling and outdoor permitting guidance or placement base map.

In any casre, while using it on the bike, my recommendation is to search for a stand to anchor the watch to the handlebars so you don’t have to keep looking at the information on your wrist.

Smart Watch Functions
The Smart Watch functions are not a strong point in the device, as they are limited at receiving the notifications of the terminal in the watch, without being able to read the whole thing.

User Profile
Without doubt this is a watch for those who combine the classic activities with the passion for the mountain. We will be talking about and athlete who on a Monday will be running 10km around their city, Tuesday they will be cycling 100km, Thursday they’re going to swim and on the weekend they will be climbing peaks in the Pyrenees or the Alpes.

On the other hand, I would also recommend this profile to users who are lovers of ultra-distance, who need a watch with a very good battery life for all of your races and competitions.

Positive aspects
* Large display for easy data retrieval.
* Ease of use and configuration.
* Very good battery life
* Very good speed signal capture and precision

Aspects against:
* Despite weighing 92g, I find it a little heavy in my opinion, but during training and competition I do not realize I’m wearing it.
* You cannot read all your notifications on your device, due character limit, from the watch.
* Software support has some important limitations mentioned in the above.

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